Badass Business Women “Strut”

On Friday night I attended the Badass Business Women “Strut” event hosted by the original Badass Jessica Kizorek and Michelle Villalobos from Mivista. When I signed up for the event, it was supposed to be an intimate gathering of about 20 women, however due to the overwhelming response (80+ RSVPs!), this event shifted its focus to “Strutting” addressing a few issues that business women face every day.

I, of course, brought my camera. Here are the photos. Read more about the event under the slideshow.

The mini exercises brought up something that all us women do, whether we mean to or not – female rivalry. One of the first exercises we did was giving eye contact to another woman in a disregarding manner (something I never do, I promise) and then in an admiring manner. Surprisingly, the disregarding stare made me feel so much more insecure than the admiring manner – that’s the point. When you are focusing on dismissing someone you meet while networking you lose your own power, rather then being uplifting to others and therefore uplifting yourself as well. Keep that in mind next time you are networking or in a meeting.

For this event we also had a homework assignment – write down why you are a badass business woman. This is so much harder than it sounds, but I felt so…what’s the word… badass after writing mine. Feel free to read it below:

I am a badass business woman because…

I don’t make the same mistake twice. I have no formal training or education in business. Everything I have done for my business has been on instinct and guidance from my “advisory board” only. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and will continue to make some, but will never make the same mistake twice, I learn from my failures.

I can create something out of nothing. I started my company with zero investment, no financial help, no equipment, and no plan b. I made the connections I needed to get free equipment, studio, stylists, etc. With those connections and by asking for help from those who could/wanted to help me, in two years I was able to create and grown from a one-woman no-gear operation to a 4-man fully equipped business.

I realize the importance and significance of what I do. I have seen the power of a simple portrait. I have several clients that suffer from low self esteem due to abuse. With a little patience and a one hour session, I can take a woman who never considered herself pretty or sexy to demand to do a lingerie shoot next time. A portrait can do so much more than capture who you think you are, it can also show you who you can be.

I am not afraid to help others, even my direct competition. I was able to grow so quickly because of the help I received, and despite the hundreds of doors that were slammed in my face. I believe in my skill and my service so much, that no matter if I teach my competition everything I know and give them all of my equipment, they could never do exactly what I do. To date, this has gotten me more business rather than losing it.

Why are you a baddass business woman?