Day at the Beach – Mini Sessions | Miami Family Photography

In the middle of June, where the heat and the sun always pay a visit, I shot fun-filled summer mini-sessions at the beach. I constantly shifted scenery between the park and the beachfront, a heavy water-filled cooler in tow. With the nearly cloudless sky, calm ocean, and overall bright day, it was a perfect time to shoot some photos. These 20 minute sessions are perfect for all the small moments that come between bigger occasions. The clients varied from small children to whole families, and all came eager to smile. Next are some of my favorites of the day!

First was Max, a long-time client that I have been shooting since he was six months old. Through the use of beach balls, his favorite hat, and some refreshing water, I got great shots—and the parents were able to jump into some pictures, too!

Another client, a whole family, achieved great pictures both near the beach shore and by the tall grass that springs up behind the sand. Their sense of humor and never-fading cheerfulness created a happy atmosphere, and it showed through in their photographs.

Then came Livia, who was a bit shy at first since she had never photographed with me before. But then I switched my lenses in order to be able to stay farther away, hoping that the extra space would help her feel more comfortable. It worked! I managed to bring out her personality and she had a lot of fun.

The last clients were two brothers who loved to make funny faces. Yet I still got plenty of pictures of the two showing some sibling love. And luckily there were no grass stains on all that white clothing!

Overall, even with the summer heat, the mini-sessions were a success. However I realized that, especially for those that are shy, new clients are probably best shot in longer periods of time– even more so if they’re young kids. In those cases I like to have a 15 minute bonding period with them in the beginning so that when I start taking their pictures they feel more comfortable and willing to share their wonderful personalities. Needless to say, the 20 minute mini-sessions are still fantastic for capturing small moments in between big shoots.

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