Emiliano, Portrait of a 2 year old Prodigy I Miami Child Photography

During my holiday rush, I was blessed to meet many wonderful families (102 of them to be exact). I first met Emiliano during a Janie + Jack promotion, his mom loved the photos and had to have a full session.

Typically when you hear about a 2 year old, you see flashes of tantrums, blatant rebellion, and perhaps a few tears. Emiliano could not have been further from the typical two-year old. He was amazing to work with (so easy to get a giggle out of him), let us dress him up, and to my utter shock, was incredibly musically inclined. He had mastered his (ahem, mom’s) iPad, would go to the music section, scroll to his favorite album (Pavarotti), turn up the volume, and start conducting/singing along. He was unbelievable!

Here are some photos of Emiliano:emiliano - portrait of a two year old prodigy